SN Pouch Feature: Contour pouch / bag


SN Pouch Feature: Contour pouch / bag

The contour pouch has an unusual shape and is highly recognizable. It is therefore suitable for products and industries which have very high demands on aesthetics and functionality: for example, powders, granules, creams, or liquids from the cosmetics industry. In addition, the contour pouch can be highly customized. It can be tailored exactly to customer requirements and needs and can be manufactured as a double pouch or a package in the Doypack style.

In order to achieve better and easier handling, resealing systems (such as zippers or screw closures) are also possible. The pouch can also be supplemented by other options, such as Easy-Opening or Euro-Holes.


Possible applications of contour pouches

The contour bag is a packaging solution that can be used for a wide range of products with different characteristics, such as liquids, creams, powders, granules or lumpy products.


Examples of contour pouches

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