Robotic handling systems



DNC, have for nearly 20 years produced a wide range of packaging equipment solutions such as pallet stretch-wrapping machines, pallet dispensers/magazines, pallet and pack conveyors etc.

As a Fanuc Robotics integrator, DNC can now offer customised automation solutions in combination with standardised packaging machine modules. For manual task automation such as picking & placing, palletising or de-palletising, DNC can offer a complete turnkey solution.

Robotic palletising

Robotic palletising

DNC, using standard modular components such as pallet conveyors, magazines etc. can build a turnkey palletising cell using Fanuc Robots.
  • System integration with pallet magazines, driven pallet conveyors etc.
  • Layer sheets integration
  • Modular construction
  • Complete safety fence guard enclosure
  • Multi action gripping head
Robotic pick & place

Robotic pick & place

Using Fanuc manufactured robot systems, DNC can create a fully automated packaging automation cell for a variety of tasks.
  • Pick & place automation cells
  • Packing/loading into cases, totes, bins or direct to pallet
  • Fully guarded to meet current UK & EU safety legislation
  • Can be integrated into existing line controls
  • Stainless steel components possible, excl. robot