Project AE Palletising solutions



Project Automation & Engineering, based in Kranenburg near Düsseldorf, Germany, have since 1989 developed and produced a range of packaging machinery solutions for carry handle applications.

As specialists in mechanical and engineering, Project create innovative packaging solutions which can be tailored to individual demands and applications.

3-4 Axis column palletisers

3-4 Axis column palletisers

The PROPAL 3T and 4T systems are layer palletisers consisting of a freestanding column construction with a payload of 500 kg. with 3 or 4 controlling axis. The gripping tool can be freely adjusted to the most advantageous position within the working area.
  • SEW Servo motor driven axis
  • Rotating gripping tool
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Column height only 5000 mm
  • Meets all CE certification and safety legislations
Semi-automatic palletising / de-palletising

Semi-automatic palletising / de-palletising

Using the latest servo controlled motor technology, Project have recently developed a semi-automatic palletiser / de-palletiser controlled by an operator.
  • Small footprint
  • Simple to operate
  • Integrated safety controls and emergency failsafe mechanisms
  • Lower energy consumption