Bundle Stretch-wrapping



The Meypack stretch-film technology is particularly appropriate when the customer’s priority is packaging for transport. The FW Series stretch-film wrappers use very thin film. Without any external use of energy, which is otherwise necessary in the shrink wrapping process in the shrink tunnel, the film is wrapped two to three times around the product formation. In this way, the pre-stretched film (with an adjustable stretch ratio) is fitted very tightly around the products to be packed, creating a highly stable pack. An electrically heated servo-driven film cutting device separates the packs in a very clean and defined manner.

To be able to quickly remove the film easily at the point of sale without the need for additional tools, the machine can be equipped with a laser perforation system – the so-called “Easy Opening System” – which creates a tearoff strip of film. The FW Series is available for speeds of up to 60 cycles per minute.

FW200 Stretch-wrapper

FW200 Stretch-wrapper

The compact, modular design of Meypack's PK Series palletisers makes it possible to construct the machines in a wide variety of ways, depending upon the needs of the customer.
  • Efficient transport packaging through minimal use of film
  • Servo-technology
  • Product bundling without the use of heat
  • Continuous packaging process
  • Only one width of fi lm for all product formats
  • Simple integration of an "Easy Opening System"