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More than 125 specialists with the best qualifications work on a floor space of 7,500 square metres at the SN Technology Center in Wipperfürth, near Cologne. Their aim is to make each and every customer completely satisfied. What makes the SN team stand out from the crowd are the same qualities that have made the term ‘Made in Germany’ a global signifier of quality: innovation, hard work, precision, reliability and an extremely high level of commitment.

Food, beverages, pet food, seeds, household products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals – SN is the ideal partner for all competency around economical pouch packaging. As the global leader in the production of rotary-type horizontal FFS and FS machines, SN is a provider of tailor made pouch packaging technology for almost all products, packaging formats and filler speeds. From consultation to development, production and service – SN combines fifty years of experience in the industry. The result is high technology made in Germany, which is at home in the most renowned companies around the world.

Featured products

Horizontal form fill seal packing

1The standard approach at SN is that there are no standard solutions. Every project is unique and is managed and handled on an individual basis. Internationally recognised experts in pouch packaging listen carefully and develop the best solution for the required shape, size and format of package, as well as the intended product, dosing quantity and output rate, based on SN’s comprehensive range of machines.

Competent Pouch solutions

2Although each SN machine is an individual custom manufactured machine, there are some standards at SN: function reliability and exceptionally long life. The reasons, other than the construction characteristics, are the high quality standards in production. From the design, to the continuous production monitoring until final acceptance, the goods and quality of products along the entire value added chain is monitored continuously at SN.

Efficient Dosing

3With a variety of different dosing systems SN offer you optimal solutions for the exact filling of pouches with your product. For example for powder and granular products SN supply nine augers and 5 slide dosers and for delicate granules, an additonal cup filler. For tabletts, gelatine capsules and similar products SN can supply specially adapted dosers. Our dosing systems are mobile and therefore independent of the packaging machines in your production.

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