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Meypack has always had a clear goal: To offer customers and partners the best products on an international basis and to provide them with excellent consultation. Meypack concentrate all their efforts on fulfilling the wishes and meeting the needs of customers. To be able to do this, they continually develop new, innovative packaging solutions for the food, beverage, personal and household care sectors.

Located near Muenster in Germany, Meypack produces machines with highly developed, proven-in-practice technology, a convincing degree of efficiency, high profitability and a fast, calculable return on investment. Among those machines that Meypack builds and services are case packers, shrink wrappers, stretch-film wrappers as well as palletisers and depalletisers. Embracing and utilising modern and current technologies has enabled Meypack to deliver competent and efficient packaging solutions to some of the largest and most widely recognised brand manufacturers.

Featured products


Case/tray & lid packing

1 The Meypack case packers of the VP Series are available as intermittent (cycled) or continuous motion machines. The intermittent, highly flexible machines of the VP 400 Series pack in trays, wrap-around cases and trays with lids. The application “tray with lid” is possible in two variations, where the lid is either inserted or glued. The required cardboard blank quality conforms to the industry standard.


Shrink wrapping

2The Meypack shrink wrappers of the SW Series are available as both single roll and also as double roll shrink wrappers. Machine types of the SW Series that utilise the single roll technology are distinguishable by the absence of a sealing beam and have only one seal because the products are only wrapped by one roll of film. These machines can be operated at a speed of up to 100 cycles per minute. Two and three lane systems are also available.


Palletising / de-palletising

3The Meypack palletisers of the PK Series are layer palletisers designed to palletise packed products such as cases, trays or shrink wrapped packs. The palletisers of the PK Series are available with both low-level infeed and also high-level infeed, including the stack lift. All palletisers from Meypack are equipped with an intermediate table as a standard feature, which enables an output of between 4 to 6 layers per minute to be reached.

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