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DNC is a Spanish manufacturer of packaging machinery with worldwide presence. The range of DNC machines have been distributed throughout the UK and Ireland by Penn Packging since 1996. The constant development of new products and organic sales growth led DNC to move to a current plant of more than 2.500 m2 of suitable space where all activities take place, from the initial design to the final product assembly.

DNC facilities are located in l’Ametlla del Valles (Barcelona province), an area with one of the best communication networks, which enables easy logistics procedures, be it by road, sea or air.

Featured products

Automatic pallet wrapping systems

1 Fully automatic pallet stretch-wraping systems suitable for a wide range of pallet dimensions and load types. The versatility of these machines lies in their capacity to meet any type of need which, along with a wide range of modular elements, improve and optimises the wrapping process within the production line. Pallet wrapping speeds upto 90 pallets per hour are possible.

Robot automation projects

2DNC, as an integrator of Fanuc Robotic systems, are able to develop and produce turnkey automation solutions addaptable to a wide range of applications. From automating manual handling tasks, filling or packing cases or palletising DNC can offer a complete system using product or pallet conveyors, pallet dispensers, etc. to build an efficient and competent solution.

Pallet dispensers / stackers

3DNC offer a range of automatic pallet stacker dispensers with adjustable prongs, mechanical retractable fingers and guides to lift and lower the pallets for correct positioning on the driven roller conveyor. These dispensers can be either standalone or integrated in to an automatic line with the addition of a simple Siemens PLC.


  • Automatic pallet wrapping systems
  • Fanuc Robotic automation projects
  • Pallet dispensers/stackers
  • Pallet conveyor systems
  • RSC/Fefco case erectors/sealers

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