Meypack build a range of end-packaging systems such as Wrap-around case/tray packers, shrink-wrapping machines and palletisers/de-palletisers.Meypack has always had a clear goal: To offer customers and partners the best products on an international basis and to provide them with excellent consultation.



DNC is a Spanish manufacturer of packaging machinery with worldwide presence. The range of DNC machines have been distributed throughout the UK and Ireland by Penn Packging since 1996.


SN Maschinenbau

More than 125 specialists with the best qualifications work on a floor space of 7,500 square metres at the SN Technology Center in Wipperfürth, near Cologne. Their aim is to make each and every customer completely satisfied. What makes the SN team stand out from the crowd are the same qualities that have made the term ‘Made in Germany’ a global signifier of quality: innovation, hard work, precision, reliability and an extremely high level of commitment.


Project AE

Established in 1989 near Kleve in Germany, Project AE offer a widely diversified product range such as carry handle applicators, dispensers, conveyor and transportation systems, palletising technology, production plants and specially executed machines and engineering projects. Independently whether it is individual components, plant units or a total completed solution.


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