FB V / MK 4

The FBV seed packing machine is capable of producing packets
of seeds and other small particulates in a 4 sided sealed pouch.
Whilst the MK4 is capable of collating the small sachets together
and feeding directly into an outer pouch. When used in
conjunction with one of the dosing systems supplied by SN,
this becomes a highly versatile piece of equipment capable of
packing single seeds/particulates or larger quantities by weight
into germ proof packages.

Pouch sizes range from 35-100mm wide x 35-120mm length

  • Siemens control
  • Up to 100 pouches per minute
  • 3 & 4 side seal using paper/foil laminate
  • Various dosing systems, counters, weighing, sizing available
  • Small foot print
  • Multiple sachet collating, bundling into outer pouch using MK4


Technical details FB V / MK 4
Specifications FB V / MK 4
Pouch size [mm] min. 35 x 35 – max. 80 x 120
Width of bag depending on roll width. Length of bag steppless adjustable.
Machine output
up to 100*
* depending on filling characteristics and pouch size
Packing material all commercial heat sealable foils and laminated papers
Safety equipment Acc. to the international safety regulations e.g. CE , UL, CSA, OSHA
Electricity power [kVA] ca. 3 1)
Electricity supply 3 x 400/230 V + N + PE, 50/60 Hz
Voltage [V] 400 / 230 / 24
Air consumption ca. 15 Nl/min, 6 bar 1)
Machine dimensions
LxWxH [mm]
ca. 1.510 x 1.045 x 1.550 1)
1) Depending on configuration. Technical modifications reserved.

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