SN Pouch Feature: Side fold / gusset pouch (prefabricated)


SN Pouch Feature: Side fold / gusset pouch (prefabricated)

Due to its lateral folds, the side gusseted pouch has a larger holding capacity than a pillow pouch with the same external dimensions. It also provides more printable area, such as for displaying detailed product descriptions on the packaging. Due to its flat bottom, the side gusseted pouch is a very functional pouch packing solution both at the point of sale as well as in use for many products.

Side gusseted pouches are available with reclosing systems (zipper) and hanging possibilities (Euro-Hole).

Possible use of the side gusseted pouch

The side gusset pouch is particularly useful as packaging for lumpy products, such as dry animal food or powder (food supplements), of which large quantities are to be packed.


Examples for side gusseted pouches

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Feature focus: On Meypack Transport conveyors


Meypack Transport conveyors

In addition to the palletisers and depalletisers, Meypack also offers you the adjacent product transport conveyors. In the palletising technology, elements such as buffer conveyors, labelling sections, reject systems and spiral conveyors are incorporated when required. During depalletizing, dividing systems and turning systems are standard but mass flow conveyors are also being increasingly incorporated.

Meypack transport conveyors

Meypack transport conveyors

We are also happy to integrate your on-site transport conveyors into the Meypack control system in order to ensure a smooth flow of production.

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Feature focus: On Meypack Film roll changes


Meypack Film roll changes

Fast film roll changes as well as ergonomic loading must both be ensured.

Due to the continuously changing requirements placed on the film and the product, Meypack offers a modular system featuring a variety of executions that enable the film roll changes to be carried out as efficiently and ergonomically as possible.

Meypack film reel changes

Meypack film reel changes

Depending upon the task, Meypack offers semi-automatic or fully automatic film roll changes.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


To all our customers, clients, colleagues and friends, we would like to sincerely wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Merry Christmas from the Penn Packaging team

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