A successful PPMA 2018 Exhibition


At this year’s Processing and Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA) annual exhibition event at Birmingham’s NEC, we once again showcased a selection of machinery solutions form our partners, SN Maschinenbau GmbH and Meypack.

Yogurt in stand up pouches

Yogurt in stand up pouches

SN is a provider of tailor-made pouch packaging technology for almost all products, packaging formats, and filler speeds. From consultation to development, production, and service – SN combines fifty years of experience in the industry. The result is high technology solutions made in Germany, which is at home in the most renowned companies around the world.

Pouches packed into trays with lids

Pouches packed into trays with lids

Meypack, also based in Germany, offers tailor-made end packaging machinery solutions with modular standard elements from the Meypack machinery system, all of which are well-established in the market. These include case packers, shrink-wrappers, combined packaging systems, palletisers, and de-palletisers.

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Project report: VP 501 installed at Bacardi


The facts:

  • Flexibly packs small shot glasses filled with spirits
  • Glasses transported in either 4 or 6 lanes at the machine infeed
  • Fast and easy formation changeover times
  • Output: approx. 35 cases per minute







Bacardi needed a fully automatic packaging machine to pack 20ml shot glasses into wrap-around cases. These cases are conceptualised as display cases. The glasses enter in a single lane via a transport conveyor and are then pushed into the machine in rows containing either 4 or 6 glasses. The machine is equipped with a blank magazine located at the side from which the blanks are removed and folded into an ‘L’ shape, before they are loaded with the products. The current output of this machine is 14 cases per minute although there is upward capacity for approx. 35 cases per minute.

Meypack VP 452 in action: Tray-lid case packer for the Pet Food industry


At its Hungarian production facility located in Bábolna the company Partner in Pet Food (PPF) uses a Meypack VP 452 packaging machine equipped with a dual-track paddle chain to pack aluminium cups containing pet food.The cups are packed into trays and enclosed with inserted lids. After being placed on store shelves, these packs also serve as point-of-sale packaging. The machine can process up to 170 cups / minute. Depending upon the format, up to 16 cups can be packed in a tray. The Meypack paddle chain has been specially designed to match the shape of the cups so that it can gently process these highly sensitive and easily damageable cups without causing any dents to the cup form.

Dual-track paddle chain to group and transport aluminium cups

  • Packs aluminium cups into trays with inserted lids
  • Stainless steel execution of the machine parts which come into contact with the product
  • Six different formats, some with single and some with dual rows
  • Specially designed paddles in the Meypack paddle chain gently handle the aluminium cups
  • Capacity of up to 20 packs / minute

Project report: VP 530 SW 90 for HiPP


The facts:

  • Combined VP 530 SW 90 TM-60 tray packer/shrink-film wrapper
  • Packs jars and glass bottles in trays with or without film or just in film simply as multipacks
  • Multi-lane product infeed
  • Shrink tunnel heated with gas
  • Fast and easy machine format changeovers

Double-lane infeed in front of shrink-film wrapper

In 2007, Meypack delivered a VP 530 SW 90 TM-60 end-packaging system to HiPP GmbH & Co. Export KG. The machine can pack jars of baby food and toddler food plus glass bottles filled with children’s juice into a variety of pack sizes, both in trays with or without film as well as just in film simply as multipacks.